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W.Bro Ray Tanner

1929 – 2018

To whom this website is dedicated


W. Bro Ray Tanner was born in Wales on 17th August 1929 and following his schooling he worked in the Insurance Industry. Ray served in the Army for his National Service and on completion he returned to his old occupation for about two years.

Ray was blessed to be appointed and serve a three year tour in the Colonial Police in Kenya and other arrears in Africa. On completion of his contract, he returned to his old occupation in Wales.

However, realising his heart was missing something, he returned to his previous role in the Colonial Police in Africa where he served a further three wonderful years. Sadly, during this time, he was seriously injured in a helicopter accident suffering severe spinal injuries.

It is much to his patience, application and having a cool disposition in great measure, Ray gained promotion several times in the Police and on his return to England, served in many Boroughs of London. Perhaps his most memorable and enjoyable roles as a Chief Inspector, was being responsible for Race Relations in Notting Hill and Carnival time Policing.

Ray retired from from the Police in December 1988, holding the rank of Superintendant at Scotland Yard. In retirement, his hands were not still and he continued to serve his community by working for a charity at Roehampton Hospital.

Ray was Secretary of the Manor of Estham Lodge No5346, in 1995, he received Provincial honours by being promoted to 
Past Deputy Grand Sword Bearer, he was also a member of East Surrey Masters Lodge 5888.

Ray happily stood to respond on behalf of the visiting brethren where his quick wit and humour shone through. He always had a kind and supportive word which were always warmly received and appreciated.

Many times he would make jibes about being careful with his money. However, Ray was in fact generous and giving to a fault and was very active in supporting all the Lodge’s events. As W.Bro Malcolm again reflects:

“A dear friend so quick to praise and bring sunshine to people’s lives with a carefully timed kind word and his genuine deep caring nature. I will him miss terribly, he was a warm and wonderful Mason.”

Ray’s legacy lives on quietly within the Lodge as his name is for ever engraved on the wood cabinet which houses our Lodge’s Working Tools. It is wonderful and befitting to know that every time we open the Working Tools cabinet his spirit joins us during all our meetings.

Ray was made an Honorary Member of our Lodge on Saturday 13th January 2007, an honour and accolade which he was deeply proud of.

Ray attended this the Porchway Lodge 7027 as a regular guest of W.Bro Malcolm Robinson and enjoyed many meetings with us, who reflects:

There were many times I was privileged to propose the toast to the visitors.

W.Bro has laid down his mortal working tools for the last time and has ascended Jocobs’ ladder to join the Great Architect in the Grand Lodge above on Monday 6th August 2018. He is now at eternal rest in the company of his Brothers blessed.
He is survived by his wife Beryl , two daughters and three Grandchildren.

Whilst he his sadly missed, he is not forgotten as his memory lives on within the pages of our website for all to cherish.

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