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W. Bro Geoffrey Greenhalgh PPSGW

Recognition of 50 Years of Service to Freemasonry

by W. Bro Malcolm Robinson

W. Bro Geoffrey Greenhalgh PPSGW

W. Bro Geoffrey was born in Bury, Lancashire, his earliest memories are of the gas lighters with their long poles for street lighting, the sound of factory hooters and the tramp of men going to work in their iron shod clogged feet. The family then moved to Epsom where he lived for many years.

Geoffrey was initiated into Porchway Lodge on Saturday 30th April 1966, following which, he made steady and consistent progress demonstrating his skills in each office before being installed as the Lodge’s Master in October 1976. During his stewardship, he was instrumental in compiling the first 25 years history of the Lodge, and key in pulling together the next 25years with the assistance of our late Brothers David Armstrong and John Garland

A hard back book of the history was then published and given to all serving Lodge brethren.

Geoffrey’s first honour and appointment to Provincial Office was in 1985. He was called back to be Master again in 1992, following which, then took the office of Lodge Chaplin.

In 2016, he uniquely returned to the Chair for a third time overseeing the celebrations of the Lodges’ 50th anniversary following its consecration.

In meantime, he received further Provincial honours by being promoted twice in 1993 and 2000, the later being one of the top honours in the Province.

At the meeting on Saturday April 2017, he received his framed 50th year certificate from W.Bro T Rains PSGD, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master and our visiting officer.

The Lodge then bestowed honorary membership to W.Bro Geoffrey in April 2017 as a mark of deep respect for his significant contribution and commitment to the Lodge and Freemasonry.

W. Bro Geoffrey continues to be a regularly attend Lodge meetings and support our masonic and social events.

W. Bro Geoffrey reflects

It has been a great honour and privilege over the years to have been an active Freemason. There are many high points in my masonic career, being a master three times and being honoured by Provincial Grand Lodge with promotions being a few. But I guess the most important of all these is the simple understated happiness and deep contentment I have had being in Lodge with my brother masons over the last 50 years.

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