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W.Bro John Keith Garland PAGSwdB, PPJGW

1940 – 2016

To whom this website is dedicated

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On the 25th October 1977 John was initiated in to Cornhill Lodge No1803, a London or Metropolitan Lodge who in those days held their meetings at the Masonic Centre in Clerkenwell. 

Some months later, John proposed his friend and neighbour, Malcolm Robinson in to Freemasonry who was subsequently initiated on  27th November 1979.   

Both being keen young Freemasons, they  travelled every Tuesday evening to a London Pub just over Tower Bridge to attend their Lodge of Instruction.  

In 1997 W.Bro John received his first Provincial Appointment, it being an active post as Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies being responsible as escorting officer to W. Brother Chris Rushbrook Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

W.Bro John was also first Principal when Phoenix Chapter hosted the Grand Convocation in Grand Lodge. Later in his Masonic career his health problems became more apparent, but he did not dwell on it. 

He became an Official Visitor, an appointment and responsibility he took very seriously.

Over the years John extended his masonic commitments by joining Hemming Lodge No 1512 in March 1996, which became Master of in 2002. Following that, he held the offices of Assistant Director of Ceremonies, Director of Ceremonies and Chaplain.

W.Bro John also held various offices in Hemming Chapter 1512 including First Principal and then Director of Ceremonies of both Lodge and Chapter in Middlesex.

In 2003, John became a Grand Officer and in 2014 he accepted the office of Worshipful Master of East Surrey Master Lodge No 5888.

In 2007 he received a further promotion to PPJGW and again in 2007 he became the first Grand Officer of the Lodge with the rank of Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

W.Bro John achieved much in masonry, both in the Craft and in his Chapters. He was made an honorary member not only of our Lodge but both Phoenix Royal Arch Chapter, Hemming Lodge and Chapter.

W. Bro. was also made a honorary member of three other Craft Lodges where he was their Official Visitor.

John had to resign from Hemming Lodge and Chapter in December 2015 due to declining health.

He became Master of Phoenix Chapter, where he was first Principal 3 times.

In the twilight of his days, W.Bro John was asked what were his proudest moments in Freemasonry. His reply was:

being Master of Porchway Lodge in 1989, Joining East Surrey Masters’ Lodge and becoming Master of Phoenix Chapter

W.Bro has laid down his mortal working tools for the last time and has ascended Jocobs’ ladder to join the Great Architect in the Grand  Lodge above.  He is now at eternal rest in the company of his brothers past.

Whilst he his sadly missed, he is not forgotten.  We hope through our website, his memory and masonic legacy will live on in our hearts.

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