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Age UK partnership

When Freya met Bill -
behind the scenes of Age UK Partnership

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In August we visited Bill, a freemason and MCF beneficiary, at his home Herefordshire. Bill shared his experience of loneliness as part of our Age UK partnership launch video.

The video shoot led to an unlikely friendship, emotional trips down memory lane and, most importantly, practical steps to help Bill live a happier life.

We’re inviting you to go behind the scenes and see how our time with Bill has made a difference to his day-to-day life.

Bill's Story

When Bill’s eyesight started to decline, he turned to the MCF for support. With most of his family on the other side of the world, Bill relied heavily on email to stay in touch. When he started to develop cataracts, communication with his loved ones became difficult.

We funded Bill’s cataract operation, and although the operation helped him to get back online, we realised that he was still feeling incredibly lonely and socially-isolated.

We asked Bill to be a part of our partnership launch with Age UK to share his experiences of loneliness and help us shine a light on how important this issue is within the masonic community and wider society.

Did You Hear about AGE UK PARTNERSHIP?

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