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W.Bro Peter John Siequien

15th July 1945 – 25th December 2013


W.Bro. Peter was Initiated into Freemasonry joining the United Smithfield Lodge No.3176, and subsequently Joined Porchway Lodge on 9th April 1988 and was an active, loyal and true brother throughout his masonic career.

Peter was very proud of the fact that he was born in hospital within the sound of Bow Bells and that made him a true Cockney boy.

Upon leaving school, W. Bro Peter began a Butchery Apprenticeship, a trade which he loved dearly and remained in his entire working life. He spent his last 30 working years on the famous Smithfield.

He retired from Butchery in 2010 and, in addition to the bowls, became heavily involved in the Epsom & Ewell Residents’ Association taking great pride in working with them in their efforts to protect the local area and the wider ‘green-belt’ generally.

Market as a Salesman/Manager, he always remarked how much he enjoyed the banter, atmosphere and camaraderie of Smithfield, despite the unsocial hours.

W. Bro Peter was a keen and successful Bowls player and was for many years an active member of Ewell Village Bowling Club and in latter years King George Field Indoor Club.

W. Bro Peter has quietly and unassumingly enhanced many, many other lives during his own. He truly lived and brought to life the principles of what we all aspire to be as a good Freemason.

Although he never had children of his own, W. Bro Peter was an avid family man and he loved to be surrounded by friends and his extended family; nieces and nephews and latterly grand-nieces and nephews.

Generous to a fault, W. Bro Peter would without hesitation, leap to the assistance of any family member or friend in their time of need.

W. Bro Peter also loved to travel and over the years has enjoyed numerous holidays in Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, USA and Canada, as well as his annual ski-bob trip to the Austrian Alps.

Happy times past, Peter (far right) with his wife Marge (left)

Fiercely patriotic and proud of his heritage, W. Bro Peter was also a history enthusiast, in particular English history and he would happily converse on the subject at length with anyone who showed an interest.

W. Bro Peter is dearly missed by his loving wife, friends, family and colleagues. I hope in some way this short Eulogy serves as a fitting testimonial to a truly wonderful man.

W.Bro Peter has laid down his mortal working tools for the last time and has ascended Jacob’s’ ladder to join the Great Architect in the Grand Lodge above and is now at eternal rest in the company of the host of Angels and his Brothers blessed.

Whilst he will be sadly missed, our beloved Brother, Peter, is not forgotten as his memory lives on within the pages of our website for all to cherish. 

So mote it be.

Jacobs ladder
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